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moldy oj :: spiderj User spiderj
Shell xoblite
Style myriad by nc-17 (
Wallpaper DPRSL 

jimmy Nice shot, the style suits very well to the wall
NC-17 I see you tweaked the colors of my style but forgot to change the style info. Either way, I'm flattered! Nice desktop.
lexxca like this green/orange style spiderj
shawan The colours you chose fit very well the wall, Really love this menu :)
spiderj Thanks. =) Actually I didn't feel right taking credit for it when all I did was change a few colors. I'm still getting the hang of these.
NC-17 Well thanks for the mention then spiderj. I do remember trying to do something nifty with that style's menus, however garish the colours might have been :)
TaTooKa What's that about left brain, right brain, in your menu?
chetwah where can we get the wallpaper?
spiderj Left brain (c:) and right brain (z:) are my hard drives. Left brain is for like programs and their associated files, and right brain is for all my media. The wallpaper is here: link

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