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CYX Cell wallpaper + STaaSIS style :: xybre User xybre
I've been around bb for ages and never subbed a screenshot, so here ya go :p
Wallpaper by me.
Style modified by me.
Music by Benny Benassi. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style STaaSIS [remixed by xybre] 
Wallpaper Cyx-Cell6d 

fivesevennine OMG! You're using my style?! Where did you find that thing? Only place that I know I posted it was that my site there but I thought no one whent there.
xybre You sent it to me when you were making it man, you forgot me! You never call you never write..
keef LOL! Xybre, you made my day, bro!

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