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ubuntu in a box :: captain User captain
for some reason i love this theme alot... now i can feel 1337 without actually having to use linux. Everything basically functions exactly the same. took me an hour or so off and on. hope you like =]

BBLeanBar (bottom taskbar)
SystemBarEx (top label, tray, and clock)
BBInterface (buttons with icons and text)
BBPager (That Sexy VWM in the bottom right)
BBAltMenu (Menu's at the top left)

The Font name is GE Inspira
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Human 
Wallpaper google image "ubuntu backgrounds" 

thewayofzen this is great.. wow youve outdone yourself
purple well..this is for sure one of the rare ones.. i like it a lot!!!!!!!
Schmots Wow.. I need it, I want it.. I will have it. please give a link to the zip with all those .rc files.. I can't wait to pour over them.
mew really nice style! :) btw, where did you find those icons, and what is the bottom left button used for? :P
cthu1hu wow, really nice
dsp_418 really-really nice!
captain i will release everything once i'm completely finished with it... just working on the fine tuning. i used the icons that came with the gnome litestep theme for this so i guess i should give credit where it's due... i have no idea who made them or anything. oh and the icon in the bottom left is the show desktop button... even though i don't really have a desktop to use. i just kept it as true as possible.
pkt-zer0 And you say THAT is blackbox... I feel incompetent now on so many levels. :P Hmm. Very impressing.
Schmots Only showing off and not giving up the goods.. cruel, very cruel :-)
loclyngrey dude, keen on this when you get it ready for release.
Engnome Omg why dont you just use ubuntu? Like me right now, I assure you its working great!
Wobble Don't forget to let us know when your release is ready for download...!
schmots Every going to release this?
univremonster This is so good... I am at work, forced to use Windows, and I miss Ubuntu so much it hurts

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