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spring :: B@ldrick User B@ldrick
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Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style spring by B@ldrick
Wallpaper spring-in-japan_wallpapers_2340_1024x768_1.jpg 

cthu1hu That's awesome. Like the icons and the way the winamp skin blends with the style perfectly.
hamsterpie whoah... ditto what cthulhu said. I barely noticed the winamp skin. I also like the font you're using.
B@ldrick Thanks men. The global font is called HandelGotD.
T. Eastrup To B@ldrick If yuo have them I think there will be more persons besides me there firstly will be interested in a link to the wall paper and secondly a link to the winamp-skin yuo are using or maybee thirdly just the name of the winamp-skin yuo are using. And finally I agree in that the combination of colo(u)rs in yuor theme are close to perfect. Regards T. Eastrup email:
T. Eastrup To anyone who is interested: The wallpaper shown above can either be found at www.vladstudio,com or alternatively by using Googles search function to picture/wallpaper search. Just type Spring in Japan and I garante that the wallpaper will sshow up.I comes in the following sizes 800 x 600, 1024 x 769, 1152 x ?, 1250 x 1024 and lastly also in size 1600 x 1200. Regards T. Eastrup
T. Eastrup To B@ldrick. The only problem I personally have encountered in relation to yuor theme is that yuo cant get the wallpaper to show in relation to yuor theme. I have looked on the script of yuor theme and it lacks as far as I can see with my very modest experiences in scripting the following"rootComma nd: bsetroot -f Backgrounds\Quantum _3_by_QuantumCharles .jpg. But even if yuo change that yuo still cant get the wallpaper to show in relation to the theme. Anyone out there who has a solution to that problem? Regards T. Eastrup
B@ldrick Hi T. Eastrup, You can find the winamp skin here: link It works: in the style: bsetroot -f backgrounds\spring- in-japan_wallpapers_ 2340_1024x768_1.jpg and Menu/Blackbox/Config uration/Graphics/Ena ble Background is on.
T. Eastrup To B@ldrick: Thanx for the link to winamp-skin. Sorry but I had not seen that line yuo are referring to in yuor origianal script, and yes it solved the problem with the wallpaper. Thanx Again. Regards T. Eastrup

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