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DarkDreams :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Here's a dark flatish style. The wallpaper was done by me, I'll post it if anyone wants it. :) Peace 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style DarkDreams by Gary Jones
Wallpaper DarkDreams by Me :) 

Pitkon I love green and/with black. This is an excellent style, Gary... And the wall looks nice, too :)
Nightbreed Thanks Pete. I didn't realize the wall wouldn't show too well during this is defenatly a night time style.. :D
Roots Nice stuff ;) I must say I am a huge fan of a dark grey or a black with some bright color. Good stuff.
Nightbreed Thank you much Roots :)
Pitkon Forgot to ask about the glyphs on window buttons. Look awesome...
sMs very nice... clap clap mmmm and clap
Nightbreed Thanks Pete, The glyphs are a combination of Amiga and Mac. I'll upload em in the leanskin buttons section of the forum... I'll link it soon as I do :)... Thanks Much sMs :D
Nightbreed The glyphs and wallpaper can be found here: link

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