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Edge :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Another screenie based on the new sidebar configuration with more panes showing. The style is a remake of the oroginal, released some 2 yrs ago. The wallpaper is "Edge of Night" by Padawancats link with the artist's permission. Padawancats has given me a carte blanche to use her artwork in/for Blackbox styles and I thank her for her friendship and her trust. She also did a special rendition of her original artwork for this style and I thank her for her time and effort... Get the wall and the original file from here: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style edge of night by pitkon
Wallpaper Edge Of Night by Padawancats 

Nightbreed Great theme as always Pete
Pitkon Thanx, Gary :)
qwilk Nice one Pete, minor comment though: Use either font and fontHeight as separate tags or font/height/appearan ce tags. Your menu.title and menu.frame definitions use an in-between variant which is not supported by xoblite (i.e. why specify fotnHeight separately if you're already defining shadow along with the font name?)
jimmy Very nice style Pitkon... As always I love your icons...
Pitkon Karl: Thanx, I appreciate it. As for menu definitions, this is an OLD style remade, which means I kept the old definitions and added some new. Really sorry it won't work with xob, I will use only new definitions from now on :) Jimmy: Grazie, amico! :)

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