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Angel Bondage :: jimmy User jimmy
Wall here link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean

delaney those menus are rad. incredibly done.
jimmy Thanks delaney... I'm going to upload the style in a couple of days if you are interested in ;)
Pitkon Excellent style, Jimmy! And I like the glyphs on the buttons as well...
jimmy Thanks a lot Pitkon... You can find the glyphs here link
jimmy Here link you can find the style... Anyway, in case of troubles with firefox, right click on the link and choose "save as", or visit directly this page link
Pitkon Thanx for the link! Yup, I remember now, they were yours... I had dld them a long time ago... Good work!
jimmy Thanks Pitkon, there are also a couple of styles I didn't upload here... It is a kind of "my styles' story" eheheh Anyway you can find there also all the wallpapers I used, and it is really useful also for me (it is a kind of warehouse ;) )

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