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Dead Mouse :: ArthurDent User ArthurDent
My current work setup..

My first attempt at bbInterface is at the bottom. It's a combination of BBTasksMenu, pager, bbi sliders, bbdigitalex, and bbtray

I got sick of the toolbar/systembar combination and combined them. :)

The only problem I have is that bbtray will walk right off the end of the frame if it gets too many items... anybody know what to do about that? Until then I'll have a little dead space after it. :-S 
Shell xoblite
Style bright red boots by thewayofzen 
Wallpaper deviantart: Dead_Mouse_by_and_thensome.jpg 

captain well as i use bblean what i do for the tray is load up systembarex and disable everything but that. not too sure for xoblite as it is limited in that perspective. btw nice setup and style.. very minimal and to the point =] keep it up zen
Pitkon Looks good! :)
ArthurDent One of the things that has irked me about xoblite is the elitism that it shows against systembarex.. I might go to bblean.
captain oh and sorry for calling you zen.. i looked at the style name and immediately figured 'oh hey that's zen' either way, good setup =]
ArthurDent no problem.. I've been called worse things :-)
thewayofzen id suggest bbiconbox set to tray. i use it on my xoblite install because i always disable the systembar/taskbar now that i can squeeze it all into the single fluxbox style bar. Give it a try it might solve your problem Arthur
qwilk ArthurDent: It's not elitism in any way whatsoever. SystembarEx uses a few bb4win API functions and data structures that are not supported by xoblite, that's all. As twoz pointed out you can hide the systembar, and you can load BBTray. It's just that external taskbars are not supported (yet?).
ArthurDent Sorry qwilk. I didn't mean that comment quite the way it came out. The impression I got when xob refused to load systembarex was that the feeling was that one should use the included toolbar instead. @zen- Thanks for the idea I'll try it out!
Nightbreed The problem with bbtray is that there's no options for the direction which the tray grows.. so it out grows bbi frames... I think bbiconbox will do the same if I remember correctly... would be nice if plugins that did grow and shrink could broadcast their sizes some how so bbi could use it's variable system to conform to these plugins.
ArthurDent Agreed Nightbreed! bbIconBox just gives you a static area for a particular number of tray icons, which is okay, but not especially great. There's still some dead space. I'd love a scenario where plugins could grow and shrink. I've got a bbfoomp next to my tray, and it would be cool if the bbfoomp could take up the rest of the area that the tray doesn't use or something like that.
Nightbreed Now Tcl4bb has the ability to intercept broams but I'm not sure what broam is being broadcasted when plugins change their sizes and possitions. If I knew that I could have tcl4bb pass those variables to bbi and create resizing controls.

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