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agroove :: oldskull User oldskull
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style AGROOVE by oldskull

dgen n1 :) reminds me of a winamp skin i used to have :) link would fit great with your style though :)
oldskull Thanks, the style are based on the visual style called Aesthetic Groove :)
oldskull Oh yes, There is also someone from here have made the style base on Aesthetic Groove visual style, I forgot...
cthu1hu Long time no see. Is the font swiss d-type?
oldskull @cthu1hu: yeah the font is swiss d-type
cthu1hu Looks good. You shoulda released it.
snkmchnb 'bout time you popped back in ;) nice work :)
sMs hes back :o
ltj could you mail me this style, its awesome
grT3 title bar shadow? plugin?
captain I MUST HAVE THIS! very nice style and setup there oldskull. ***** 5 stars =]
Pitkon Welcome back, oldskull! Great style... Has anyone found a swiss 721 condensed bt look-alike font?
oldskull Thanks guys, yeah I would like to release them. I thought someone here already release them.
oldskull @grT3: I am using no plugin for the shadow. I am using YzShadow.
cthu1hu Pitkon: I posted swiss here and a few alternatives if you want them.
dgen yuuu thx for uploading the style :)
oldskull Thanks for uploading the style to here :) Anyway guys I am still here. I mean on this site I am everyday around here :) I hope I would not be lazy to make more styles

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