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blue dragon :: jimmy User jimmy
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Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style blue dragon by jimmy

ZenLC Very nice!
Arc Angel Ditto!
jimmy Thanks :D
Pitkon Great work, Jimmy. A link to the wallpaper?
jimmy Thanks Pitkon i put a link in the "notes" section... Doesn't it work? If not, tell me and I'll send you it by email
Shawan I like the style especially the colours :)
Pitkon I'm a moron, I didn't even notice the link... lol. Thanx, Jimmy :D
jimmy Thanks a lot Pitkon and Shawan :D
Roots I like the wallpaper, but I am not to big of a fan of the style.
jimmy Don't you like my style? :D This is not a problem :D ... Why don't you create another style for this wall? I'd be very courious to see how other people would use it ;)
Roots I will see what I can do to day ;) tomorrow I am going "camping" aka geting drunk off my ass for 4 days straight! :p
jimmy don't worry, there are things more important than bb styles :D
jimmy don't worry, there are things more important than bb styles :D
snkmchnb i might make one for this wall.. when i have time that is :P i'm moving this weekend to my new apt and i don't know when my net and stuff is getting transfered... i'll have to see if i can steal some wifi
jimmy We could have a kind of contest for the best style :D
lexxca ;P i think roots make a partial slip colored style his nick is action "back to ..." X) mhh, jimmy the back looks wful ,i like many things with girlmotive hehe, your style fit this,for me not enough contrast but not somebody like the same flower ... greetz:\n german vs italy on next time, your tip? ;)
jimmy Uhmmm Germany... It's very hard, but this evening Italy played very well, I hope it will be the same also versus Germany... :D Anyway, your phrase is perfect, "not somebody like the same flower" :D
divertedworks this one's great! can you tell me the link to where i can also download that bbinterface where you can change wallpapers or style? pls dont tell me to go to the forums and find it, that's hard.. =p kiddn, it'd be helpful if you post the direct link. thanks! :thumbsup:
jimmy @divertedworks: thanks... Everything you see is created with bbinterface by myself... The only suggest I can give you is to read this tutorial link bye
jimmy I'm sorry... ;) I confused the slideshow panel with my style switcher ;) Anyway it is created with bbinterface and bbslideshow... You can't download it, but here you can see how it works link bye
TheRealSephiroth link of the wallpaper plz! ps: nice desgin ;)
TheRealSephiroth jipieee....i've found the walli: link

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