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data :: satori User satori
the style is too simple to upload.
the wallpaper i made in 5 mins. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style no style 
Wallpaper my wallpaper 

elektr1k Interesting concept. You don't see desktops organized in that manner everyday.
satori thanks, buddy. am just tryin' to think outside the b0x.
EngineCamel Dude, what were the pulgins you used?
Nightbreed I like the fact that you can't tell where blackbox begins and ends ;)
satori EngineCamel: it is just bbinterface and the standard bbLeanBar. Nothing special. But just like Nightbreed said, "I like the fact that you can't tell where blackbox begins and ends ;)" Because, data is what we define it to be.
satori Nightbreed, Thant's what I am trying to achieve. Still a long way to go, but I'll get there. :) Thanks.
Nightbreed and here I thought Data was just an android.. :P.. Hopefully I can finish solving this snag with threading and tcl4bb.. that should open the door for a lot of stuff.
satori hm, a good joke, Nightbreed ;). What are you trying to do? is it on lostinthebox?
Nightbreed nah.. well, the discussion is in the tcl4bb thread... but it's not yet solved. Threading allows tcl to run processes without tieing up blackbox... i.e bbibrowser refreshing directories without having to wait for it .. long story :P

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