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TOS :: kuyie User kuyie
Shell BBLC\BBLean

blockhead Are you forgetting something? link
Roots I have got to say I like the colors, but I HATE the winamp skin and I hate the over powerness of the Y'z Dock :p thats just what I think ;) not trying to be a flamer or something...
Nightbreed Yeah, the style is nice. Though, credit really should have been given.. or atleast mention the name of the style. Y'z Dock is ok, never really liked it with blackbox.. it kind of kills the over all look abit.
dgen n/o but..bleh..y'z dock :/
nick Yeah, nice style but the dock doesn't look to nice in my opinion. I just use the basic icon box.
kuyie i thought my submited shots rejected cuz i got an email...anyway thanks for the comments! its not yz dock..its rocketdock by punksoftware. this is my first post. here another one with a more evil comment link
kuyie oops sorry here it

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