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keira_kick_01_bb7 :: blockhead User blockhead
Normally brown styles piss me off but I had to match the kickass wall :D Style tested in linux blackbox and in windows bblean.
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style keira_kick_01_bb7 by blockhead aka pcc
Wallpaper keira-knightley-1024x768-24178.jpg 

Nightbreed You can always gray scale the image and put an overlay color over it... or just used a bsetroot color tint... Still, nice style
Shawan Fits the wall very well, love the beige colour :)
hubert How can I download the wallpaper for this style
Nightbreed Throw the image title in google and do an image search... should show up on the first page of hits
blockhead or you could look in the style itself ;) full URL is there in one of the "#" lines.
byterhythm whats Wrye?

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