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silicon :: crowmag User crowmag
Haven't uploaded a screenshot/style in quite some time, tho I have still been making a few from time to time.

This one is based loosly on the Silicon GTK2 theme. I brightened up the buttons a bit bc the current day on bbCalendar didn't show too well using the original gradient (bbCalendar doesn't draw a border on this element).

The wall can be found here: link , it's a grayscale image but I am using bSetRoot to add hue and saturation. You can actually use any other grayscale that is more to your liking by just keeping the -hue and -sat -solid #color info. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style silicon by crowmag

skwire Gorgeous muted style. Love it.
auto Nice work.
Roots I dig how the style and the wallpaper work so well. Good stuff.
cthu1hu Nice to see you back making styles. A lot of detail in this one. Nice work. I especially like the window buttons.
crowmag Thanks y'all for the kind words. cthu1hu, yeah the simple looks of the screenie do belie all the detail contained in the style. I really enjoed making this one and I'm glad to see that a few others find it pleasing as well.
Shawan Beautiful and delicate style, everything fits very well together especially the colours.

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