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Cemetery Valley :: hamsterpie User hamsterpie
If anyone wants the author or file for the WP, ask. I dont have it on this computer.

Anyway, the winamp tracker is a nifty little bbi ditty. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style cemetery by hamsterpie
Wallpaper Cemetery_Valley 

T. Eastrup Maybee yuo could provide a link to the wallpaper here, instead of people who is interested in your theme "cemetery" contacting yuo ?
Hamsterpie The reason why i didnt do that is i didnt create the wall, and i noticed that on occasion, the original author has problems with that.
snkmchnb putting a link for the wall is probably the best thing to do, you don't want to add the wall in a zip with the file unless given permission by the author. as long as you don't take credit for the wallpaper art you're good.
T. Eastrup To hamsterpie: I would lesson to what snkmchnb advice on the matter namely especially the following: "as long as you don't take credit for the wallpaper art you're good". If yuo still prefer not to upload a link here to the wp I would appreciate to have a mail sent to me with either the name of the author of the wp or a file containing the wp. Many thanx in advance.
hamsterpie my bad everyone. Link Here
T. Eastrup To hamsterpie: Many thanx for the link on behave on both my own and other possible users of your theme. By the way the colours overall in the theme ,goes very well with the wp.

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