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system :: cyeh User cyeh
i simply want to demonstrate how beautiful the system font is; and how well it works with xoblite! 
Shell xoblite
Style x-coal 
Wallpaper sadly, somewhere on deviantart 

SpyderBlade Love the wall... where can I get it??
dpcdpc11 you should really use bblean! it also skins your windows! and use an advanced taskbar! u really could do a lot more with this shell! its very customizable! nice wallpaper though!
Malnilion xoblite can skin your windows too, you little nitwit :) (I really mean that in the best of ways, dpcdpc11, lol.) People have their preferences. I happen to prefer xoblite as well.
dpcdpc11 but xoblite doesnt come with a skining plugin by default like bblean! it has bbLeanSkin by default! u said, people have their preferences, but bblean is a bit ahead of xoblite, i know this cause i used xoblite a while ago and then switched to bbLean! and it seems cyeh switched to bbLean as well! good for you mate! nice choice!

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