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perfect angel :: dpcdpc11 User dpcdpc11
brand new style from me! just made it's fresh, like a wave! hope you like it! and i'm just inloved with this wallpaper! enjoy! cucumber 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style blue wave by dpcdpc11
Wallpaper it's not mine... and i cant give it away! sorry! 

ser VI I want the wall. Where I find it?
ser VI Maybe by mail?
cyeh hey, man. just wanted to thank you. bblean is truly greater than xoblite! take care, pal :)
Malnilion I really would like to know where you pulled the blue from...
dpcdpc11 you're welcome cyeh, bblean rocks! about the wall...i really cant give it to you man...sorry! and malnilion...the style was made using bbstyle maker, so i didnt pulled the blue from anywhere! it took me some time to get the blue that i wanted but i did it eventually!
Malnilion It looks nice, mate :)
NC-17 nice and old school

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