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toolej's foo setup and bblean style ^_^ :: toolej User toolej
Foobar2000 is such an awesome program. I release ze config over at because people wanted me to ;D

Wallpaper is from:
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style xx0r.11 by toolej
Wallpaper False Alarm 

cthu1hu Nice work. I'm trying out your config, but my foobar foo isn't very strong. Cool nontheless.
Roots ZOMG, okay I WANT YOUR FUBAR SETUP!! that is the best pimp leet ect. looking foobar2k I have ever seen Yeah good wall too!
captain i want that fubar as well. very nice setup you have there =]
Roots ZOMG, okay I WANT YOUR FUBAR SETUP!! that is the best pimp leet ect. looking foobar2k I have ever seen Yeah good wall too!
pkt-zer0 I'm going to be honest, here. It's hard to pay attention to the wallpaper/style in the screenshot because that foobar2k config is sexy like WHOA. Too bad it's been quite some time since I messed around with configuring foobar.
frantic sexeh foobar config. That said, I hate foobar. Not that it's not good, but it's an enormous pain in the ass to configure (and this comes from a guy who did pretty advanced litestep setups back in the day). Why the hell can't it be made so you can preserve and pack entire setups easily? *cries*. Anyway, I just spent half an hour trying to make "single column playlist viewer" plugin to work. It just gives me an error message as i start foobar and it doesn't load. Is it dependant on anything other than columns_ui? Any help would be appreciated.
frantic Oh yeah, and the error message is: Failed to load DLL: foo_uie_single_column_playlist.dll Reason: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
dgen either you like foobar or not..this config looks wow :p though i'm more of a winamp 2.81 type of guy..just plain simple with nada shizzle :p
cthu1hu I get the same error frantic. I just gave up at that point myself ;)
frantic cthu1hu: a couple of years ago I never would have given up, but I guess I'm getting too old for this **** (:. BTW i have a pretty pimp foobar setup myself, but I hate the fact that i can't find any simple way to port it elsewhere, you just HAVE to go through the same configuration mess every time. Foobar may be versatile, but its versatility is poorly implemented.
cthu1hu Same here frantic :) From this thread it looks like it needs the .net framework. Or maybe just the c++ runtimes, which I'm downloading now. I would like the album art in the playlist. That seems worth the trouble. We'll see, anyway ;)
cthu1hu Just using the c++ runtimes got rid of the error. link
sMs sick foobar!! >=D
frantic Thanks, cthu1hu. Although, it sucks when you have to download .net framework for a plugin of a plugin for an mp3 player (:
cthu1hu Where do you paste the code from step number 5?
frantic what code? i'm still trying to install .NET framework ((((((((:
frantic Seriously now, you need to go to Display - Columns UI and then remove all the stuff from the Playlist Sidebar preset. Then check out the layouttree.png - you should make all that stuff like he did. Now, I'm guessing that if one knew how to do that step correctly one would also know where to paste all the stuff from step 5, but i'm also guessing that there's no way in hell i'm ever gonna be able to do that, so i'm just gonna dabble with it and try to do a setup on my own. I'll post what it looks ((:
frantic Oh yeah, and to do all that stuff in layouttree.png you need a gazillion of plugins. Someone kill me now, please.
frantic OK, after doing around 5% of the required stuff, it looks fairly decent, however I seriously recommend this to everyone: give up now. And to the original poster, thanks for making my life a neverending vertigo of pain and misery.
cthu1hu I'm getting there. Hunting down some plugins ATM...
cthu1hu I got it set up exactly as it is in layouttree.png, etc. and this is what I get link Kinda odd. The album art is cut off...
Myst0z i give upp a long time ago...i really like that skin but a pain in ass to config it...:D
frantic cthu1hu: i've set up my own version of it, but it would be stupid to even try to explain how here. You did quite good, actually, so I know you got the hang of it. I'm gonna post a screeny of my new (stolen) stuff when i get home from work today, and if anyone is interested how it's done we can make a forum topic or something.
cthu1hu Now that I've disabled my menu, I can't access the preferences anymore. Does anyone know how to get the menu bar back?
cthu1hu Ah, never mind. Just hit ctrl+p.
x-spirit Please make a Foobar package for this sick layout/ui that would really help out. Or just zip/rar your Foobar dir and mail it to me please. Great work! Awesome. Now help out.
toolej Just so you know, I think F2 brings up preferences. Also if you want to still have a go, most of the components and foobar itself have been updated since I posted this so you may get much better results :)

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