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Whitebox :: Herbalist User Herbalist
It has been a while since I have posted a a Screenshot.............way to much Poker :) This is nothing Orginal, the Style is an Edited Version of cthu1hu's "theblues" (comes with BBlean) and the wall is an Edited version this link Hope some will enjoy it :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Whitebox 
Wallpaper Blackbox2 

Wobble That's a very nice setup! Good idea for a real "blackbox" wallpaper also.
qwilk ...I would enjoy it even more if I could download it... :P (looks spiffy though)
dpcdpc11 just beautiful style! fits perfect with the wall!i like the way you modified your foobar2000!
Herbalist opps, Seems Like I forgot to Uplaod the File :) Thanks for the Comments though. And My Foobar is a lot different now, was just experimenting with it before.
snkmchnb Herbalist: if you want email me the style and i'll upload it for you.
Herbalist Here is the file link Just email me if you want the Wallpaper

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