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light :: satori User satori
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style blob 
Wallpaper Pearl_Extended_Wallpaper_by_breakTK @ deviantart 

cthu1hu Sweet.
snkmchnb dude, that's nice. kinda original too, good work.
dpcdpc11 nice one... but i think it's missing a task bar... a neat small taskbar with icons only would increase your desktop productivity! i really like the skinning of the windows... what did you use to skin them? bbleamskin by any chance? cause i see you only have the close button on the windows... how did you remove the maximize and the minimize buttons??
satori snkmchnb: thanks. dpcdpc11: the task bar is on autohide. the skinning is bbleanskin and you can remove buttons (as in bblean.rc): # - Titlebar Buttons # - 0 = Empty # - 1 = Close # - 2 = Maximize # - 3 = Minimize # - 4 = Rollup # - 5 = AlwaysOnTop # - 6 = Pin bbleanskin.titlebar.buttons: 000001
satori link
satori cthu1hu: thanks, mate ;)
dpcdpc11 thanks satori fot the tip!!!
satori dpcdpc11: np. there is another way but you will have to recompile blackbox. this is by far the easier way :)
-xXx- Just curious, what plugin did you use to display those things in the bottom left? Trying to do a similiar setup on my system. Thanks in advance
satori -xXx-: some of the things you can do with bbinterface. Almost all that you see actually. However this is samurize and is a third party freeware that has nothing to do with blackbox. get it from here: link
Roots Nice work man, Totaly dig the flow, good work :D
satori thanks, Roots ;)
undone Gorgeous.
weee Very nice. can i get the link for the style?
satori thanks

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