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NovumOS :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
This is another version of the NovumOS theme I may or may not have posted. Can't remember :)
I wanted to do a somewhat, non-uniform theme. (Mixing colors that shouldn't go together, but somehow they fit)

Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Novum OS by Gary Jones
Wallpaper NovumOS found with theme on Wincustomize 

dpcdpc11 it all fits together just perfect! the wall...the style...the task bar! looks nice! good work!
orbbzz Another A+ Nightbreed!!!
Nightbreed Thanks guys. I'll have to post a fix to the 3dcc info in the style. I forgot to fix that..
crowmag Really good looking style NB, I'm really liking the menu alot.
doctorfrog very nice setup, good compromise between minimal and glitz!
snkmchnb dude.. that's nice.
AlmostX Cool ! Styles. Mightbread
Nightbreed Thanks everyone. I finally came up with a 3dcc setup for it. Was kind of difficult. I'll post it in the forum in a bit :D
Nightbreed Here's the update containing the fix to the 3dcc info. link
Shawan This style looks really great, I love this use of green :)
Nightbreed Thanks Shawan :)
lyrae Looks great. I like it.
NIghtbreed Thanks Lyrae :)
Pitkon Just saw this... Should check more often. Great work, Gary! I saw it on lostinthebox, didn't know you had uploaded it here. One of the drawbacks of having you as a fellow moderator... lol. Funny thing is, I submitted a similar style with the wall (I got permission from da-flow) only today... link
NIghtbreed Thanks Pete. Are you going to post the style?
Pitkon Not here, I think. I have a policy of not submitting the same style to two sites. I have violated my policy two or three times in the past, won't do it again. All my styles on boxshots, devart, lotsofskins, and skinbase are different ones... or at least the huge majority of them...
cyb3rj I really like this. I've grabbed a lot from here, but this is the best so far for me.

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