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delaney :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Wowsers its been forever since i uploaded anything. Im not sure im even raelly happy with how this turned out. I cant seem to figure out a menu frame text im truly content with. Even though i figured id send it out there just for old times sake.. heck i dont even use *box anymore. Ive taken to xfce quit a bit and have been making gtk themes instead. Either way i hope someone enjoys this..I found this wallpaper maybe 2 days ago.. heck i dont remember. if you want it email me and ill be glad to send it. Ubuntu Edgy Eft running fluxbox. 
Shell Nix Box
Style delaney by thewayofzen
Wallpaper tmnt.jpg 

NC-17 classical and zenish, nice :)
skwire Nice style, Zen. Reminds me of the turtles my kids find in our backyard. =]
thewayofzen ahhahaha "whine and ye shall recieve"
crowmag As always, another nice style twoz. Unfortunately, Fluxbox ain't no xoblite :/
thewayofzen crowmag: preachin to the choir dude. if i could find a WM or DE for linux that was that good id wet myself.
skwire Nice style, Zen. Reminds me of the turtles my kids find in our backyard. =]
thewayofzen skwires being a parrot for halloween ;) /me hugs jody
skwire Hehehe...don't know WTH happened there. Regarding Halloween, I was a pumpkin-carving fool for my daughters tonight. I even busted out the Dremel for some detail work. =]
Malnilion Turtles are freaking awesome, hehe, nice style, Delaney. @skwire: lol, I want to be a pumpkin-carving fool for my kids one day too. Busting out the dremel sounds awesome :)
blockhead That turtle is soooooooooo cute! :D nice color matching. Style has that "thewayofzen" look on it: nice!
snkmchnb nice! loving the gradients, D!

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