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ultraviolet GANT :: iridium User iridium
icons by mattahan
wall by me playing with mattahan icon
style by nc-17 
Shell blackbox
Wallpaper noname 

oldskull what for window skinning are u using?
frantic What are you using for the dock?
oldskull the dock maybe he using yz'dock or objectdock
iridium yzdock, and for skinning look at the bottom left icon..
oldskull mmm... i can't guess what for icon is that. :(
oldskull mmm... i can't guess what for icon is that. :(
iridium lithium! - renders gradient from style, but a sligth diferente style.
NC-17 ahhh lithium is back doing skinning only... i'll have to have a look at that.
oldskull thanks! will look on that
iridium just comment out every service, leaving just the themer running.. low resources.. cool, while waiting for bbwinsin engine.
oldskull iridium: yes nice low resources. But pity xchat and Netcaptor does not running good with lithium :(
iridium@portugalmail try the exceptions.ini
iridium try the exceptions.ini

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