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ominous_cloud-v2 :: crowmag User crowmag
One of my older styles that I have updated to v0.7x syntax and tweak for better readability (mostly the menu). New wallpaper tile was created using the Starfish wallpaper generator. The wall is here if you want it link and you can get Starfish here link
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style ominous_cloud by crowmag
Wallpaper Starfish_000001A9.png 

Pitkon This is my fav of the three. Beautiful colors, Clark!
frantic Nice minimal RSS reader. Nice style, also.
cthu1hu Using this one now. Love the 3dcc. Just what IS that awesome rss rerader you have there?
crowmag Thanks guys. The "RSS reader" is something I put together using WebWidget by noccy link . I wrote 5 small python programs that, when given a RSS url as an argument, will parse the XML into a preformatted HTML page. The CSS for the pages is formulated using UI-CSS link . You have to manually update the RSS tho as the programs only do their thing and exit (I use a batch file). I don't know how useful it would be to others bc the user would need a basic knowledge of HTML programming to be able to customize it for their personal use - it's really pretty easy tho (uses a frameset).
cthu1hu Sounds interesting and complicated. BTW, congrats on your learning python.
crowmag Complicated? nah, not really, or I couldn't do it. The proggies only have about 60 lines of code to them (less for the weather) and most of that is just instructions for printing the html code to a file. Anyway, I put together a zip file for anyone interested in taking a look at it here link

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