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halcyon green :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
Another green and orange style. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style halcyon green by cthu1hu

jarppi Another good one from you mate, just a bit too dark for my liking though. Excellent job nevertheless.
crowmag I like green and I really like this! Too dark? Nah, not a bit. BTW, those "glyphs" on the right look like chars from a dingbat font, do you have to redo those for each style or what's going on there?
cthu1hu thank ya! yeah those are pngs made from a dingbat font. i'd definitley have to redo tham for each style.
snkmchnb nice work :)
freeb0rn excellent.
crowmag It'd be kind of cool if BBInterface let you set a specific font and size per button but, I think that Nightbreed already asked about it and it's not that workable :/
sMs nice 1
cthu1hu Thx sMs. crowmag: bbIcons can do this--with the caption. There's a few limitations, but still pretty neat. Thx for the idea.
crowmag I haven't used bbIcons in ages, I gotta check this out...
dpcdpc11 nice taste in colors!!! simple and efficient..just the way i like it!!
yourock hi.can you upload the wall to imageshack? im one of your fans cthu1hu.

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