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Static-Ruby :: junkie User junkie
Easy on the eyes, clean, usable. My best work so far. Made the theme from scratch.

Wallpaper here: link

Recommended font: Frutiger Linotype with Cleartype ON
Recommended winamp skin: Staticamp
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Static-Ruby by junkie
Wallpaper A mod of Colorful Evening by ssilence (deviantart) 

Pitkon Very good work, junkie. Would love it more if menu text was #D2B8B9 or something similar.
Pitkon BTW, did you make the walllpaper, too?
Pitkon Oops, just read the wallpaper credits. Like the details in your notes, junkie... :)
junkie well you could say that.. the photo is ssilence's work, i just recolored it, positioned it on a canvas, and added captions. :)
Pitkon Beautiful... And which winamp skin is that? The one for Classic amp by matt something?
junkie Static VS - its a visual stlye for xp (i dotn like it), and someone made a matching winamp classic skin called StaticAmp. that i like.. :) i dont know where i got it, its old..
snkmchnb dats pretty
dpcdpc11 nice all fits together
junkie thank you all! :) this is not my last style, im pretty sure.. so stay tuned for more.. :)

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