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magOwl_2006 :: magOwl User magOwl
Evening.. long time no see :)
Just put blackbox back in and i thought I'd celebrate with a style.
Nothing fancy, just a minimal & light sort of thing.
And thanks to blockhead who's dimes_bb7 style i nicked shamelessly, i just needed a template :)
Wallpaper is nothing special, but holler in my direction if you want it for some reason. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style magOwl_2006 by magOwl
Wallpaper noname 

crowmag Simply beautimus Owl, good to see a style from you again!
sMs owl still owning
snkmchnb damn man, welcome home!
Pitkon Ah, yes, the is the Magnificent Owl I knew and loved... And with a modified version of BBLean, too... :) Welcome back, owl. Missed ya...
qwilk Whoa, the owl is back! Välkommen tillbaka! :D
magOwl i just wish i could get cubase sx 3 to work under blackbox, but i went with ShellOn and switch when it's music time. Sort of annoying but it works heh.
qwilk What's the issue? (just curious)
magOwl some problem with the dongle that freezes bb, so all one can do is ctrl+alt+del and hit reboot. i saw it mentioned in the forum as well.
cthu1hu Welcome back

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