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explosions in the sky :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Heres a little departure from the norm i guess.
Kinda felt like a teeny change might be good.
Flat.. simple. A touch of new syntax. No clue if this
even works in anything other then xoblite... (anyone who knows me knows im a fanboy lol) ANYWAY.
Enjoy folks. Hopefully this appeals to someone.

ps. really really REALLY half assed 3dcc in the file.. uncomment it. but im warning u its nasty.

Shell xoblite
Style explosions in the sky by thewayofzen

snkmchnb it's nice but its a little hard to read the text in the hilite, clock, label and windowlabel. possibly use the dark green in the wallpaper's wallpaper?
blockhead that wallpaper is ... very ... disturbing. :o
skwire it. The 3dcc isn't nearly as bad as you think, either. =]
freeb0rn I love this.
qwilk I like it a lot too; refreshing with a flat style every now and then! Oh, and since I'm Delaney's semi-official wallpaper hunter... ;) -> link

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