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Living room :: iTiVO User iTiVO
Another minimalistic theme of mine, actually a pretty old one.  
Shell blackbox
Wallpaper interior_exp_by_UnKnives ( 

itivo dont know why style wasnt added: So here you go: link based on a some style i dl'ed (forgot the name) - was one of my very first styles :P
dpcdpc11 nice one dude.. like the way u combined the wall with bbinterface.. it is bbinterface, is it??
itivo Yep it is, my intention on this one was not to "destroy" that awesome wallpaper. Ah and bbanalogex is with it, too.
dpcdpc11 how did u managed to make the background of the bbinterface buttons transparent and only the font visible?
itivo Well its no magical command or something ;) Tutorial: Create new control --> button Right click on the new button --> control options --> caption --> static text --> any entry of your choice Right click on the new button --> window options --> style --> none The result of this is what you can see in the image :) enjoy ;)
dpcdpc11 thanks dude!! that did the trick!!!
dpcdpc11 just one problem dude... when i set the window style to none the text gets pink,,,, how can i make the text white or somethin??
itivo Well, lets see.... i'll just show you my "invisible-button".rc, cause it doesnt get pink for me: link
dpcdpc11 i dont think the link is right... it gets me to download this: 9d0bab4627a98221d40f57d8336fd44e.rc which is 0 bytes of information...
iTiVO You are totally right, my bad, i'll simply email you :)

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