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reach.for.Minimalism :: mini-man User mini-man
Using XPMC again by b0se (Visual style)

The bottom slit auto-hides and the slider is a BBI volume control I threw together.

Clock is BBAnalogEx, and beside it is BBPager. 
Shell blackbox
Style XPMC Mod 
Wallpaper Reaching for the Edge of Space 

tech10171968 The pager in the bottom slit kinda reminds me of XFCE :)
mini-man Yeah same :) I dual boot with ubuntu, so missing that on explorer for so long really made me go nuts...and the DeskManager powertoy just didn't do looked so ugly..
theDude i lik th clock. how did u put it on ther with th work spacez?
mini-man Like I said, BBAnalogEx along with BBPager in the slit.

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