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iTiVO - Superpenguin :: iTiVO User iTiVO
I loved the wallpaper once i saw it in zen's style.

Some rearranging of my interfaces to make an even sleaker surface with even more minimalism and functionality to it.
Added 2 new buttons:
The one on the left does switch between the opened windows (like alt+tab does) the other one (on the right sight underneathe the bbleanbar) does minimize/restore all windows (its a switchbutton).

So its now perfect for me to work with...

enjoy, iTiVO

@admins: Is the 2nd time i submit this screen since i am not sure if nr1 arrived at yours (the finishing screen didnt show up, even if i had no more upload) 
Shell blackbox
Style penguin by itivo
Wallpaper Ascending_Penguin_by_coolart 

dpcdpc11 loving it..just loving it!!! it all fits together!!! good work mate!
itivo Thanks dpcdpc11 :) Got the email with the invisbutton.rc? If yes, is it working?
SuperGirl I actually like your style better. And nice setup. Im one who cant live without the min all and max all buttons. i have them in all my setups.
itivo Thanks supergirl, i really apprecitate it.

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