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min #1 :: sorryangel User sorryangel
adjusted the colors to suit my favorite vs. i love it because it's simple and the colors are nice. :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper area 04.2 pattern 

Roots ohh :D I like, were did you get the icons?
clone I like this a lot. How did you make that menu at the bottom? Are you running this with windows vista?
sorryangel thanks :) the icons come with the VS called area 04.2 by heylove. here's the link: link
sorryangel thank you, Clone :D. I use Rocketdock for this. And I'm using Windows XP.
frantic I like the whole setup a lot. Pity you haven't released anything or even hinted on releasing the style.
sorryangel thanks. how can i release the style?
ArthurDent When you submit a shot, there's a slot where you can browse for the style file to include with the shot.
sorryangel thanks!
sorryangel here's the style for this screenshot. i submitted another screenshot here, but nothing happened. i changed the buttons to match with the overall feel of the style. i also added a 3dcc scheme. link
clone awesome. thanks for telling me that was rocketdock. i've wanted this for a while but didn't know the name of it.
sorryangel no problem! :D

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