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semi.Minimal :: mini-man User mini-man
Ok, so I chose a WP with more than 60 colors...but hey, couldn't resist. XD Goes well with the tango-ish, bright, cheery, klarheit/clarity type feel. At least I think so.

I whipped up a quick style for the visual style. Remember to disable/toggle skin BBLeanSkin, believe me, it looks horrible on windows.

I really feel proud of myself for the menu - worked at it for half an hour organizing junk I didn't need. <3 BBKeys! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Klarheit by //inimal
Wallpaper Colors II by panic_tape (@deviantArt) 

dpcdpc11 it all fits so perfect!! the VS is great.. gives me a kinda linux feel!! nice job!
hooser where can i get the vs???
mini-man Thanx :) Hooser, the VS is here: link
ArthurDent I love the colors, but the window titles as styled were yucky, but then again, you appear to not be using them. :) I'll put my version up in a bit.
mini-man Yep, I use good ol' MSStyles. :) BBLeanStyles interferes with a host of other things, so I disabled it anyways.

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