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vaultday :: XZero450/Evolution User XZero450/Evolution
Plugins: bbLeanSkin, SystemBarEx.

Shell blackbox
Style vaultday by XZero450/Evolution (
Wallpaper Vaultday 

crowmag Good color matching. I think everything works well except that the interlacing seems a little out of place. But that's just me...
mini-man Very nice! Like the soft tones. As crowmag said, the interlacing is a bit odd...but other than that, super style.
XZero450 The interlacing got your attention. (Marketing +1) It gives a contrast from the crisp image to the actual user interface. Thats why I kept it. It just took the SystemBar and the Windows out of the background a little more.
thewayofzen im no expert myself but that interlacing really distracts from the style. not to mention it makes things really hard to read. Id ditch it but whatever

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