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FreeSBIE Revisited :: Wobble User Wobble
A renewal of my FreeSBIE style :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style FreeSBIE Revisited by Andy (Wobble)
Wallpaper malform - simplification by ~gr4y-inu 

mini-man Absolutely amazing! Goes great with HmmXP VS. Loving it. Good work. :)
sMs i agree very nice... *clap clap*
Wobble Thanks, guys :) Maybe I should have added border and borderColor of the buttons to toolbar.windowLabel
TenPlus1 What plugin u using for the launcher at the bottom ?
mini-man Looks like bbIconBox, TenPlus1 :)
Wobble That's bbIconBox :) That and the default bbLean plugins is all I need :)
mini-man @Wobble: so true. I rarely use other's rare to see a un-cluttered desk. Also, did you forget to include the graphics for the window buttons or..? *drools @ buttons*
Wobble /\/\inimal: do you mean the buttons' bitmaps? Yep, they're not included, AFAIK you can't upload .zip files here. There is a thread about buttons somewhere in the forum with nice creations to discover :) To install them, just copy them in the bbLeanSkin folder and name it to 'buttons.bmp'
Wobble Forgot to mention that I'm using the bbLeanSkinMod 1.16y1 by griscka/ysuke, available at a default plugin ;) Using it for so long now I just forgot :)
mini-man Yeah, I used the leanskin mod for ages on bbLean, but have been having problems running it with bbClean so..:(
Wobble That's really a problem...the new menu options are a thing you won't miss again :)
iTiVO Beeeeeeeeaaaaaaaautifullllll!! I Think this has to be one of my favourites from here. Although i'd change the window's colors a bit for my "Dark" likes :P

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