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Neons by ElTorqiro :: ElTorqiro User ElTorqiro
I haven't sought permission to bundle the wallpaper, you can get it from link

This is the first style I've released. Made from scratch in bbstylemaker, but I manually added the comments and the marginWidth settings as I couldn't find anywhere in bbs to set those.

If you like, you can change the colour of the "neon" effect if you prefer something like a green, red or orange "glow". 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Neons by ElTorqiro
Wallpaper Deep Sea Watchers by Lirstar @ 

ElTorqiro err, the link to the wallpaper got messed up in the Notes above due to the hotlinking code, but the link is in the style comments or you can just search for Deep Sea Watchers by Lirstar at
Tres`ni Yeah the URL parsing code doesn't like something, apparently the colons and whatever that other character is are causing the problems.. I'll see if I can fix that for ya ;)
ElTorqiro Sweet, thanks mate :)

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