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monotonous.Dimension :: mini-man User mini-man
based off of my grayscale style. too bored to edit the 3dc, so either ditch the 3dc or recolor.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style grayscale by Minimal
Wallpaper 23 (found at dA) 

ElTorqiro I really like your use of gradients on areas like the titlebar without using raised/sunken effects. Colours are really nice, too. +1
crowmag Nice color scheme /\/\inimal, but why are the window.titles gradient vertical while the menu is raised solid?
mini-man Thanks, ElTorqiro :)
mini-man Thanks crow Eep, guess I didn't notice just mod it yourself..too tired to edit it hair follicles hurt from tkinter o__O
ElTorqiro I thought it was meant to be like that - I prefer it the way it is :) Makes the app windows (gradient) stand out from the menu and toolbar (which are both flat).
mini-man Yeah, never thought about that..o_O
Kermit D Frog I can't seem to locate the wallpaper. Where exactly does one look on DA?
cthu1hu This is awesome.

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