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organic.Space :: mini-man User mini-man
Was in the mood for something minimal.

First time using Spirit w/ bbLeanSkin. Kind of a change, not used to the absence of the left curve..but I'll get used to it.

Finally a clean env that I can actually stick to for a few days..or weeks...or..not. XD 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style bbSpirit jarod (grab it at dA) 
Wallpaper Organic (again, at dA) 

ElTorqiro Minimal, I'm guessing you are using some 3DCC thing to get the window backgrounds etc different. Which program do you use for that? I've never done 3DCC before, only just learnt you could even do that :) Also, I'm a big fan of your styles and see you churn out a lot of them. I've done a couple but get a bit frustrated with bbStyleMaker 1.20 not giving all the options available. Do you know where there is a list of all the possible style tags that can be used in a style file for bbLean 1.16+ ?
thewayofzen this is far from your best work. i hate to be a jerk but i totally think that wall could be styled better.. im the first one to point out that when i was turning out craploads of styles every few days.. i started creating a lot of styles that just didnt do my other work justice.. but what do i know.
mini-man @ET: Actually, the window backgrounds weren't touched by the 3dc, it's the VS I'm using. :) But I do use bbColor3dc to change tooltips, scrollbars, etc..About styles, go to LostintheBox and the tutorials section, and the 0.70 syntax tut by snk and thewayofzen - that's basically all the available syntax for 0.70 styles. :) @twos: I know, mostly because it's not my work at was grabbed off of dA ..XD Same with the wall. Nothing in the style is mine, so..yeah I don't like it, but at least it's minimal. Lol
thewayofzen didnt mean any offense to you at all friend. Just know you could have done better yourself :) *thats a hint to do it up btw*
ElTorqiro Thanks Minimal, much appreciated mate :)
mini-man @twos: None offense taken ever! :) I would definitely fix it up to suit my tastes, but SSG is currently taking all my time so...XD @ElT: Np, happy styling

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