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Aquahaze brown :: iTiVO User iTiVO
link for wp-pack:link

The wallpaper you see here is NOT included in the aquahazepack linked above, but if you want i can send/upload my recoloured version.

This style is mainly a tribute to my 2 main sources of inspiration blackboxwise (Inauro and Thewayofzen).

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment,
Shell blackbox
Style aquahaze redbrown by iTiVO
Wallpaper Recoloured wp of the aquahazepack (link below) 

thewayofzen wonderful job. thanks for the mention in the description.. its always nice to hear stuff like that.. i really gotta start making more styles. Be well..
iTiVO Would love to see more from you! And, oh yeah, i'm glad you like it :)
mini-man Schweet. I think you can recolor via bsetroot, too... What font is the menu title?
iTiVO Schweet? :D German, like me, too? That font is called "Averen" and you can download it within my newer styles on my devartpage .
snkmchnb this is really nice.
mini-man no not german, just hungry XD Thanks for the heads up *runs to grab font*
iTiVO snk: thankies, yeiih minimal: haha, thaught that sounds/words with "sch" were typically german :P Oh, and go ahead ;)

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