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arctic :: em999 User em999
my latest prototype. nothing flashy nothing "brand new". i'm getting old :] 
Shell blackbox
Style arctic 
Wallpaper modified arcticsunrise wallpape from interfacelift 

snkmchnb i don't necessarily agree with the colors on this but i like the look of your menu
em999 Thx for the comment. I'll have to spend more time on those colors, feeling a bit rusty with bb themes. Hopefully i'll make a couple more soon.
djakku em999, nice style, I was Impress by you choices of applications, foobar, xplorer, thunderbird, firefox, avg, I could only recommand you to use MirandaIM instead of trillian, and could you please provide a link to you wallpaper?
iTiVO go to Enter arctic sunrise interfacelift result: link i wonder if it's so hard?! *sigh*
fiddleFaddle Link to the style file is unavailable, do you plan on reposting? thanks if you do.

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