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dark liquid :: phex User phex
Fluxbox 1.0rc2 running
audacious with skin TRiNiTY link , torsmo, root-tail, aterm, gaim, claws-mail, screen, irssi, folding@home.
Shell Nix Box
Style Bluebird (custom) 
Wallpaper cube dust modified 

cthu1hu Great desktop. Gotta have that gtk theme.
clintoy how do you do that transparent title bar???
phex Transparent titlebars, taskbars, menus and the like are part of Fluxbox. The GTK2+ theme is Cillop-Midnite link
phex I modified the gtkrc in that GTK2 theme to make the cursor visible in some text boxes on some programs. Include in the "default" section: GtkWidget ::cursor_color = "#ffffff"
clintoy any version for windows??? i like the transparent thing with the titlebars...

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