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minimal.Groove :: mini-man User mini-man
Visual style: Aesthetic Groove
Miranda: IEView (mod of N.UN), clist nicer+
Shell: bbClean (mod of lean 1.16), custom style, bbRun
Explorer: Just qtabbar for tabs
Firefox: Personal Menu plugin
Notepad: Notepad2
Wallpaper: Series 1995
Cursors: Aesthetic Groove (personal recolor of Minimal Neatness cursors)

There is a foobar, but it's hidden from view, and there's nothing bling bling to look's uber minimal, no menu, nothing, just doubleclick track to play, the rest is controlled via hotkeys.

Same with explorer, ffx, etc...all navigation etc done with hotkeys.

There is a taskbar, but it's set to auto-hide at the bottom.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Aesthetic Groove 4 by Minimal
Wallpaper series 1995 

snkmchnb nice work, dude!
iTiVO Very nice.
mini-man Thanks. Been working on it for months...I think I finally have something I can live with at least for a few more weeks...before I get another crazy spurt and I go do something totally different ... hehe
cthu1hu Looks great. Is that the tango icons?
nfok3 I like it, probably something I would use as well. One question though, how do you get your menu headers to look like that?
mini-man @cthu1hu: Yep, tangerine icons actually. I use the super turbo tango patcher . @nfok3: Here's the source from my style: menu.title: flat solid menu.title.fontHeight: 3 menu.title.color: #d8ae4b menu.title.textColor: #d8ae4b
cmc Looks good -- what font is that?
mini-man Sorry for the late reply. It's standard 07_57 caps, it's included in the agroove vs
thetank How do you get your windows explorer widgets and buttons to look like that? Looks great! I'm envious.
Kiriken Very nice skin... I'm trying to figure out how you got the "file and folder tasks/other places/details" into the skin Also, how did you get the scrollbar/buttons/etc. like that? Once again very nice job, clean looking ;)
mini-man I ought to check back on the comments on my old styles more often :| thetank: I'm using the aesthetic groove visual style. Kiriken: That's a shellstyle, again, part of the visual style :) And same goes for widgets/scrollbar/etc.. And thanks :D

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