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Anarchy :: residentgrey User residentgrey
I forgot where I got the pic, he had some icons for Macs. and some awesome 3d pix, the font used in the screenie is called "Audimat Mono". the font in the BBMemo is "MOn NOm Mono". MONOSPACE FONTZ FTW! The BBRecycleBin icon is from Gort's Icons. <3 that site! 
Shell xoblite
Style Siot by Kyoushu
Wallpaper Anarchy 

ArthurDent ooooh I like this one.. especially the menus
cthu1hu Nice desktop. The menu font is secksy.
auto Stellar work.
Reverend Amorphis owns. heh.
residentgrey oh btw, Flexacy is a CMS-type project I'm workin on with a friend.

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