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OrangeK :: Hyakutaro User Hyakutaro
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Cloud City 

cthu1hu what font is that in your menu?
Hyakutaro Its HaxrCorp 4088. Um guys, I just enlarged my shot, the image quality is very bad, do this site automatically changes the quality? :\
cthu1hu yeah. it compresses it if you upload in jpeg or gif. some colors just don't work well with jpeg compression. better to upload in png format, which doesn't get converted to jpeg.
iTiVO And what font did you use in the active window? Great first shot, imo!
mini-man Loving the orange!
Lord E. Very nice.
Hyakutaro Guys you can see the shot in good quality here: link In the window I'm using Calibri. :) Thanks for all the comments :)

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