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graphite-green :: crowmag User crowmag
The wallpaper is 'in your mind by Lastexit': link@N00/106865332/ , the image is actually portrait dimensions (640x800) and much smaller than my screen resolution (1280x1024). It is being stretched to full screen by bsetroot and it's original coloration is being altered on the fly using bsetroot's hue and saturation settings. YMMV according to your screen resolution. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style graphite-green by crowmag
Wallpaper 'in your mind' by Lastexit 

unkamunka Nice - this link works better for me.
cthu1hu That is an incredibly moody wall. I expect Jason Voorhies to pop up in my desktop. Enjoying these classic styles. They're in the same vein as sir artwiz the great.
crowmag Thanx unkamunka, I messed up the links to the walls in some of these uploads plus flickr sometimes needs the link pasted in the address bar to work. @cthu1hu: when I saw how the stretched wall looked I was like 'YES'. I like moody looking stuff for some reason :P Too bad different resolutions will get different effects but it worked for me :D

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