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screenshot 06-11-07 :: delaney User delaney
This is a work in progress. I have switched to arch linux and currently spend most of my time in openbox. This screenshot features openbox-svn and a yet to be completed openbox theme that is planned as part of a themepack for openbox. Comments are welcome. The gtk theme ported to rezlooks by me.. but not of my creation.

Please take note of the border features available in openbox. These are visible in the menu frame as well as the window titles. You will notice a dual border of sorts. the black outter and the grey inner. These are both defined in the style.

You might also notice the absence of a menu title. The title itself is only there if you code your menus in such a way that they show up.

So many interesting features... worth a look if you use linux and are tired of gnome/kde and the like.

Shell Nix Box
Style yet to be named 
Wallpaper render 04 

cthu1hu I've dreamed about having that double border feature in bb4win many a time and have gone to great lengths to simulate it. Very smooth desk though.
iTiVO The menu.highlite looks out of place bcz of intervening the frames of the menu itself. The wallpaper is too bright for this dark style if you ask me. Sorry, but i think you can do far better! The doubleframe looks great, though.
snkmchnb D: can you hit me up with a link to that wall? i wanna crack at it.
cthu1hu @snk: link
delaney the wall was something i kinda added in after the fact with a style i was working on for openbox.. it was never actually intended.. but i figured it went well enough overall with the gtk/openbox combo to slide by. either way.. i did mention right off the back it was a work in progress. More of an exercise in becoming familiar with openbox syntax then anything else. ive yet to figure out a awy to set the menu hilights so they dont do that.. im pretty sure at least at this point that you cant..
iTiVO That is correct, i have not looked into openbox at all. Just tried to give you some rather constructive criticism

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