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rustshadow :: crowmag User crowmag
Here's my latest desktop. I've made some changes to my typical style settings by tweaking the margins a little and shortening the handle height. I have also changed up the font usage so that everything uses the unimaginative but highly legible and time tested Verdana font at 12 points. bbCalendar still uses the 'Dustismo' font for 'days' and I'm using 'Small Fonts" with bbSysmon.

Note: I set my fonts using the 'Global Font Override in bbLean's (bbClean) extensions.rc. The font settings given in the style file use *nix syntax for the benefit of Blackbox WM users.

The wallpaper can be found here: link . I'm using bsetroot's hue-sat options to tint it just a bit to match the style coloration. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style rustshadow by crowmag

unkamunka the hue-sat idea is a good one. could you re-post if you follow it through?
crowmag I'm not sure what you mean unkamunka, the hue-sat options ARE in the style, (-sat 0 -hue 11). I do realize that some monitors may not pick up this detail.
snkmchnb nice work, crowmag!
mini-man I'm not a fan of all beveled/dark styles, but this one really fits together. :)
kxcastillo thank you for this style. using it right now.
crowmag Thanks ya'll. unkamunka, you may want to increase the -hue amount to to see if that will better match your monitors gamma.
cthu1hu Cool. Reminds me of the flstudio UI. I just discovered global font overide on my laptop. Using this font... Smaller than Verdana.. And a bit more square than I like. It makes a clean looking windows tho.
crowmag Holy cow! Marke EigenBau Normal - 10 point, man that IS tiny... even with my glazzies. But perfect for smaller screen res.

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