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Gperfectzen :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Heres a look at my latest effort on openbox.
Its a port of the gperfection clearlooks gtk found at . Ive converted the clearlooks gtk to rezlooks gtk.. as well as made a port of the entire thing to openbox keeping as true to it as i could.
Experimenting with a few of the openbox theme extensions i am really not used to.. or comfortable for that matter. Font shadows.. etc.

Comments welcome.
Shell Nix Box
Style Gperfectzen 
Wallpaper no clue.. i found it forever ago. 

thewayofzen if you wish to see the original screenshot/theme find it at DevArt here: link
technonaut i like this, can you post the style?
ozgoin hey thats cool. what is the plugin/softs that shows the transparent pc status on the left side?

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