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...andQuiet :: mini-man User mini-man
I tried to achieve a usable yet minimalistic desktop..and I think I got [half of] it...Ignore the systray crap. I normally hide my systray, but no can do with bbleanbar. Hrmph. And about the's not fancy, never was intended to be. I really wanted to emulate windows native menus. Other than that..lots of boring..stuff.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Peace by //inimal

thewayofzen kudos.. nice job.
mini-man Thanks
doctorfrog i like the IM there, some Miranda theme?
mini-man Yeah it's clist nicer+ and IEView loaded with SimpleBoxes. And tango smilies too (my own mix)..
cthu1hu cleanest style/desktop ever.
mini-man Thanks :)
Downtown Nice and clean style. What wallpaper did you use?
mini-man Probably too late now, sorry for late reply...but it's a custom wallpaper.

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