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green power :: dpcdpc11 User dpcdpc11
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style green peace by dpcdpc11
Wallpaper aquadrome_1200_lime 

mini-man Nice. :) The huge icons look a bit odd, but the overall style is sleek.
dpcdpc11 i dont usually use huge icons... but i wanted to prove that not only Vista can display huge sleek icons. but 3 of my left huge icons actually activates 3 horizontal slide menus... beat that Vista crap! but you gotta love this huge PNGs on the desktop. thanks bbinterface for PNG support.
ArthurDent Love the greens.. looks good for my work desktop.
Fëanor What do you use to put these huge icons?
dpcdpc11 bbinterface dude... and the huge icons are PNGs loaded as images in bbinterface buttons. and u can get really quality PNG from many sites like or

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